ExpertRating in the News

Aug 2017

A tale of two companies: Codeassess and DigiCentral, who complement each other perfectly. Codeassess successfully assisted DigiCentral in hiring skilled PHP web developers. Happy ending!
DigiCentral is an Australian real estate marketing company, which works with all the major brands across Australia.

Jul 2017

XpandLab are a hands on design and development agency offering end-to-end services for businesses online, which required PHP MCQs for hiring fresher PHP web developers. Our answer to them was: Codeassess is a hands on codes-assessing platform offering end-to-end services for your hiring needs. The result was: another happy client.

Jun 2017

For lateral hiring, SysLogic required SQL questions of different difficulty levels. Codeassess has SQL questions of all difficulty levels designed for hiring of candidates of all experience levels. Problem solved!

May 2017

Codeassess has reached Copenhagen, Denmark! In the heart of Vesterbro, between Barndommens Gade and Rabalderstræde, lies WesternMarket, Vesterbro's food halls, which makes Copenhagen stomach-happy. WesternMarket used Codeassess's pool of HTML questions to hire freshers.

Apr 2017

When EasyToCare wanted to hire a data analyst, they turned to Codeassess—a platform that is gradually becoming the globally-recognized first choice for assessing the skills of programmers. EasyToCare has more than 30 years of experience in offering a full suite of driver F&I benefits, innovative dealer services and industry-leading customer service.

Mar 2017

Codeassess provides Kind Pediatric with PHP, HTML and JS tests for helping them reach higher levels of efficiency. It has been a satisfying journey for Codeassess to have served Kind Pediatric, which is an after-hours urgent care center aiming at providing young patients with immediate, high level of medical care.

Feb 2017

Codeassess catches the eye of one of the top 50 best global universities—University of Colorado (CU). CU wanted to test its students’ skills in generic computer languages such as Python, Java and SQL and selected the Codeassess platform to do this. Codeassess is proud to have associated with CU for fulfilling their requirement and achieving its purpose.

Jan 2017

Catalyst Tech

Catalyst Tech (CTL) becomes a part of the ever-growing list of users. CTL used the ASP.NET tests on to provide workforce development solutions to healthcare employers. CLC provides high quality skill and career development programs to healthcare organizations across the US. These programs target the frontline associates of the organization – from entry-level individuals to first-level supervisory nurses.

Dec 2016

Altius Analytics

Altius Analytics puts its trust in and uses its C# tests for assessing the coding skills of its candidates. Altius Analytics offers market leading software, data and advisory services for the global commercial real estate industry.

Nov 2016 uses the PHP tests available on for shortlisting candidates based on their PHP skills. is a global platform where every day, thousands of visitors come looking for the perfect lawyer.