ExpertRating in the News

Feb 2018

Codeassess stands out in UK! is one of the UK’s leading website in the domain of education. It assists schools and institutions across the country to create their own tender documents. The website used a combination of easy, medium and hard level questions on C#, ASP.NET, JS, CSS, and HTML languages prepared and offered by Codeassess for hiring skilled web developers.

Jan 2018

One of the leading financial and economic litigation consulting firms, Integral FEC is located in close proximity to the University of Texas at Austin. The firm chose Codeassess to take advantage of the well-designed online tests based on Java, Python, Python 3.4 and R (3.3.1) languages for shortlisting python developers.

Dec 2017

Payments Canada reached out to Codeassess for their requirement of Java and DevOps questions, which were delivered promptly, resulting in another satisfied client. Payments Canada has been delegated by the Canadian Government to support a vibrant economy by helping to meet the payment needs of consumers and business, and empowering a new era of modern payments.

Nov 2017

Codeassess and TiE jointly conducted North India’s biggest event and competition—Hackathon 2017, from 17th-19th November. A total of 110 teams enrolled for the event. The participating teams were given a set of coding questions along with multiple-choice questions, and 22 top scoring teams were selected for the final showdown. The final event continued for the entire 48 hours with 22 teams competing against each other, consisting of both professionals and students from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and New Delhi. In the end, prizes worth 1 lakh INR and employment opportunities were awarded to the winning teams.

Oct 2017

Codes assessed in Netherlands! Speak&see is a company based out of Rotterdam, Netherlands, which aims at making conversations visual and easy to hear for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. They used Codeassess’s C# and Python questions.

Sep 2017

Codeassess—among the best, works with the best. Iteriz, a Microsoft gold partner, is ranked among one of the best companies to work in. Iteriz used the Codeassess platform to create their own custom C#, ASP.NET and JAVA questions and used them to hire developers for adding to their 100+ strong workforce of certified professionals.

Aug 2017

A tale of two companies: Codeassess and DigiCentral, who complement each other perfectly. Codeassess successfully assisted DigiCentral in hiring skilled PHP web developers. Happy ending!
DigiCentral is an Australian real estate marketing company, which works with all the major brands across Australia.

Jul 2017

XpandLab are a hands on design and development agency offering end-to-end services for businesses online, which required PHP MCQs for hiring fresher PHP web developers. Our answer to them was: Codeassess is a hands on codes-assessing platform offering end-to-end services for your hiring needs. The result was: another happy client.

Jun 2017

For lateral hiring, SysLogic required SQL questions of different difficulty levels. Codeassess has SQL questions of all difficulty levels designed for hiring of candidates of all experience levels. Problem solved!

May 2017

Codeassess has reached Copenhagen, Denmark! In the heart of Vesterbro, between Barndommens Gade and Rabalderstræde, lies WesternMarket, Vesterbro's food halls, which makes Copenhagen stomach-happy. WesternMarket used Codeassess's pool of HTML questions to hire freshers.