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Employee Skill Testing

Choose from over 600 Tests

With over 800 affordable tests from varied disciplines, ExpertRating offers skills assessment in almost every major field and allows you to save money on bulk employment testing. You can get real-time reports of employee test scores through email and within your employer account. You can also simultaneously test numerous candidates (from multiple locations) to save time and company resources. Employers can customize employment tests with respect to topics, questions and time durations. It is also possible for employers to set up tests with their own questions.

Elegant Reports give you Deep Analytics

A detailed score report is made available to you at the end of the test. The report includes the candidate’s accuracy, speed and efficiency scores that help you take an informed decision about the candidate’s performance. The candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are also mentioned to highlight their job suitability for specific job roles.

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Web proctoring

Let us help you Design your Testing Campaign

Monitor your candidates: You can monitor your candidates even when you are offline, using ExpertRating’s Web proctoring feature. While a candidate takes an online test, our system will capture their images at regular intervals. These images can later be reviewed to detect the use of any unfair means.

Customized Testing Solutions

Let us help you Design your Testing Campaign

ExpertRating also helps employers to craft and customize the online tests with respect to topics, questions and time duration. It is also possible for employers to set up tests with their own questions. ExpertRating can also help in digitizing existing content as well as questionnaires. With a scalable and reliable platform, employers and hiring managers can take advantage of "Create Your Own Test" options, wherein an inbuilt platform along with question library is provided. The employers can choose the difficulty level of the questions, specify whether randomization of questions is to be applied or not. Creation of multi section tests is also possible.

Expert Rating API


ExpertRating offers a flexible and robust API (Application Program Interface) based solutions to allow the delivery of tests in over 800 topics for your website or portal. ExpertRating works individually with each client to create customized pages with your color scheme, design and logo so as to provide your visitors with your own branded tests. ExpertRating API system allows you to plug our testing system into your company's employee portal and allow your employees to use the tests for self assessment. You can also integrate our testing system with your HR software and use the tests for pre-hire assessment or for employee evaluation. Give your ATS, ERP or HR software an edge over the competition by integrating our testing system into your software. Charge more from employers who use your software, while they benefit from integrated testing in your application.

  • Olivier TRINH

    The service is very good and equally good is their sales-support. ExpertRating even customized their service at my requests and the turnaround time was quick. I am very pleased with ExpertRating Solutions.

  • Dima Chamma
    Roadster Diner

    Working with ExpertRating has been a pleasure. The testing solution is a wonderful service backed by excellent service. I believe we have a great partnership going on.

  • Steve Shaw, Takanomi Ltd.

    ExpertRating's API-Integrated White-Label solution is not only a great product, but they have an equally responsive team. From start to finish everything went as planned. We got going without any hiccups. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied!

  • Stephen DelVecchia, CEO and Founder is an online marketplace for flexible accounting and finance help that handles all phases of a temporary assignment, including the job posting, interviews, rate negotiation, timesheets, payroll and billing. The scores obtained in online skill tests powered by ExpertRating help clients and recruiters shortlist the candidates based on the performance. The skill tests are indeed an integral part of our site.

  • Guru

    We’ve been offering ExpertRating’s skill tests to freelancers for the past 6 years. These tests allow freelancers to market their expertise in a quantifiable way on our site, while helping employers evaluate freelancers before hiring. ExpertRating is truly an invaluable asset to our company.

  • Michal Malafiejski, PhD., D.Sc. President & CEO
    Sphere Research Labs

    Sphere Research has been working with ExpertRating since 2009 and the association has been very fruitful helping our Sphere Engine platform to be used in new and innovative ways.