ExpertRating in the News

Jun 2024

Project Management Institute Approves New Initiative by ExpertRating
The Project Management Institute (PMI) has granted approval to ExpertRating for a new initiative. This program is set to provide fresh opportunities for professionals to enhance their credentials and advance their careers.

May 2024

ExpertRating Approved by US Department of Corrections for Inmate Training Program
The US Department of Corrections has approved ExpertRating Solutions to initiate a training program for inmates. The first cohort of 80 participants will engage in this innovative program aimed at rehabilitation and skill development.

Apr 2024

ExpertRating Develops Custom Hiring Platform for Coca-Cola Malaysia
ExpertRating Solutions has launched a specialized hiring platform designed for Coca-Cola Malaysia. The new system features tailored assessments to streamline the recruitment process, enhancing efficiency and precision in hiring.

Mar 2024

Ernst & Young Expands Testing Services with ExpertRating for Corporate Clients
Building on the success of 2023, Ernst & Young will now offer improved tests and training programs through ExpertRating for its corporate clients. This expansion aims to elevate corporate standards with comprehensive assessment solutions.

Feb 2024

ExpertRating Solutions Enhances Testing Platform with Angular JS
ExpertRating Solutions has upgraded its testing platform, now leveraging Angular JS technology. The enhanced system can manage up to 100,000 concurrent assessments, ensuring faster, more reliable, and precise testing experiences for users.

Jan 2024

ExpertRating Solutions Launches Arabic Assessments in Collaboration with Bayt
ExpertRating Solutions has introduced advanced Arabic language assessments, developed in partnership with Bayt. This initiative aims to cater to the professional needs of the Middle East market, providing tailored tests to enhance career development in the region.

Dec 2023

By the end of 2023, ExpertRating provided over 800 reasonably priced assessments from a variety of fields and let companies personalize the content, and lengths of employment exams. Additionally, employers can create exams using their own content and receive real-time test score reports by email and the employer account.

Nov 2023

ExpertRating has been accredited by TUV SUD for 16 years. By obtaining this certification, ExpertRating proves its commitment to quality management standards while reducing risks for its clients. ExpertRating follows all standard operating processes to ensure that the company operates efficiently and has a quality management system.

Oct 2023

ExpertRating is recommended for skill testing by a leading job advising website. Employers can verify if applicants actually possess the skills listed on their resumes by using these exams.

Sep 2023

Testing job candidates now offers new and enhanced possibilities. ExpertRating has introduced new functionalities using which tests can be altered to suit the requirements of different clients. Customers can now choose the questions, subjects, and length of each candidate test.