ExpertRating in the News

Mar 2024

Affordable pre-employment testing services are now available from ExpertRating, with substantial savings available for large purchases. The goal of this project is to increase the testing programs' return on investment for businesses. The tests offer a range of adaptable testing choices and are customisable. Simple registration is offered, along with a variety of payment methods.

Feb 2024

ExpertRating has teamed up with a leading Middle Eastern organization to introduce a cutting-edge language proficiency test. This assessment accurately evaluates individuals' speaking abilities in a particular language, spanning from fundamental to advanced levels.

Jan 2024

ExpertRating has made a great start to 2024 by committing to supply Java tests to a well-known agreement automation platform used by financial industry providers all over the world. They will be able to complete their digital transformation process more quickly thanks to this.

Dec 2023

By the end of 2023, ExpertRating provided over 800 reasonably priced assessments from a variety of fields and let companies personalize the content, and lengths of employment exams. Additionally, employers can create exams using their own content and receive real-time test score reports by email and the employer account.

Nov 2023

ExpertRating has been accredited by TUV SUD for 16 years. By obtaining this certification, ExpertRating proves its commitment to quality management standards while reducing risks for its clients. ExpertRating follows all standard operating processes to ensure that the company operates efficiently and has a quality management system.

Oct 2023

ExpertRating is recommended for skill testing by a leading job advising website. Employers can verify if applicants actually possess the skills listed on their resumes by using these exams.

Sep 2023

Testing job candidates now offers new and enhanced possibilities. ExpertRating has introduced new functionalities using which tests can be altered to suit the requirements of different clients. Customers can now choose the questions, subjects, and length of each candidate test.

Aug 2023

ExpertRating recently delightedly expanded its services internationally, concentrating on three key areas for pre-employment evaluation: the United States, India, and Canada. More than 2 million people from more than 60 different countries have also pursued the certifications offered by ExpertRating.

Jul 2023

ERINC, an ExpertRating Entity, introduces Integrated Testing Solution (ITS) with Multilingual Tests, enabling comprehensive language proficiency evaluation for individuals and businesses. These tests cater to diverse linguistic backgrounds, enhancing accessibility and empowering informed decisions. Embrace the future of language evaluation with ERINC's innovative Multilingual Tests in ITS.

Jun 2023

ERINC, an ExpertRating Entity, has unveiled a new multilingual input feature to enhance the candidate information-gathering process for multiple-choice tests. It aims to provide a seamless experience for test-takers by enabling them to provide their details and responses in their preferred language, ensuring inclusivity and accuracy in assessments. This feature is specifically beneficial for candidates who are non-native English speakers or those who are more comfortable expressing themselves in languages other than English.