ExpertRating in the News

Feb 2021

ABB, a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure chooses ExpertRating’s coding assessments for its hiring requirements. Customized tests for internal hiring to be developed with the ExpertRating content team.

Jan 2021

ExpertRating extends work from home for all employees to December 2021. All customer support and technical assistance services delivering flawlessly in the work-from-home period.

Dec 2020

ExpertRating to offer over 400 instructor-led courses through Cengage, USA. Special course offerings to be priced for the Indian sub-continent. ExpertRating to develop a solution around Cengage's Ed2go API for marketing courses online.

Jan 2020

ExpertRating to launch Video Interview service for integrated clients. The new Video Interview module lets clients assess candidates' soft skills, proficiency, and Knowledge through automated interviews that are either pre-recorded or live. The video interview service will help clients save time and effort while interviewing candidates that are at remote distances.

Dec 2019

ExpertRating to power Tally Certifications in Andhra Pradesh State, India. AP Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) and Tally Education Private Ltd. (TEPL) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide training in accounting software Tally and also certify students through the Employability Skills Centres (ESCs) located in universities and colleges across the State.

Nov 2019

ExpertRating ties up with SPEAK, Israel for integration of their English language speaking technology. The test will grade individuals on their skills from A1, A2 (Basic English speaker) to C1, C2 (Proficient English speaker). The Speak Assessment aligns with the CEFR by using proficiency scales with the same descriptions of English skills to train SPEAK raters and algorithms for automated grading.

Oct 2019

Codeassess now becomes the platform to test the coding abilities of candidates globally through another language- React.js. React.js is an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This language is highly optimal for fetching rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded.

Sep 2019

Codeassess ascends its capabilities by adding a new functionality 'Interviewer Internal Comments Pop-Up' on Codathon. This feature helps the interviewer to add comments during the interview session. The same is reflected in the reports as well.

Aug 2019

Codeassess now provides a new feature 'error-details pop-up' in the coding tests, wherein the candidates can see their coding errors and correct them at the same time.

Jul 2019 now supports custom fields that are added in the excel sheet. The clients can fetch the candidates' information according to these custom fields.