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Walmart is amongst the biggest private employers in the world, with a conspicuous presence throughout the world, and since 2012, ExpertRating has been the exclusive online pre-employment testing partner for Walmart, India. Walmart required a customized testing solution that was based on their internal job descriptions and proprietary evaluation system, and which could be deployed across multiple locations in India. The ExpertRating team, in consultation with Walmart's global HR team based in Bentonville, US, built the testing solution from scratch—accurately matching Walmart’s requirements.

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Programming Excellence for
Ericsson C++ Competence Center

Ericsson runs a C++ learning program at their training facility in Dublin, Ireland. When the management at Ericsson sought an online solution to augment the potential of their programming resources graduating from this training facility, they teamed-up with ExpertRating for the creation of a customized C++ language certification based on their curriculum and testing norms. The ExpertRating team created an in-house C++ certification test for Ericsson engineers, fully covering all requirements of Ericsson.

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Creative Circle
Bringing Method to madness

Creative Circle delivers talent solutions across North America with offices in 20 major US cities. Creativity is an eclectic trait and identifying talented creative people is a daunting task. Recruiters have their own yardsticks to measure creativity through equally eclectic, prejudice ridden and mystical approaches to assessment. One of the major challenges to identifying creativity is objectivity—the removal of the self from the assessment process.

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Jet Airways is India's second largest airline, and its scale of operations is massive: it operates over 3,000 flights daily to 76 destinations worldwide. Its success lies, among other things, in its unshakable commitment to hiring only the finest crew—people who are focused on passengers’ comfort, and strictly adhere to safety standards. When Jet Airways wanted an online testing solution to shortlist fresh potential candidates, as well as assess the learning growth of its existing staff at its DGCA-approved training facility, it put its faith in ExpertRating—the relationship has only grown stronger over the years.

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